Seamless Concrete Designs By The Fricks Company

The Fricks Company has won The Golden Trowel Awards 26 times, that is more times than any other flooring industrial company, and very well known for its seamless concrete designs which the company has an edge over any other company in the industry. Of the most exciting flooring industrial awards for seamless concrete, being just one of the exclusive features of the firm ever won by this 30 year old company is the “Contractor of the Decade” award. This tally places The Fricks Company as a flooring industrial contractor,with its unique seamless concrete exclusive features, that has earned a greater number of Golden Trowel awards than have been received by any other flooring industrial contractor before. Other awards approve of their numerous industry accolades and safety measures.

A level of quality BEYOND The Golden Trowel.

The company offers several quality products that extend past The Golden Trowel award because it only looks at “flatness” and “levelness” along with its seamless concrete technology, in order to determine superiority. Customers seek credibility beyond awards, and Fricks takes this into account. The high level of production quality, durability, and lifespan that Fricks produces in its flooring solutions is remarkable. Fricks wins the Golden Trowel award by exceeding the requirements set forth, but they win customers by providing excellent value in their products. That is why they are able to win time and time again, because they value the end product that they deliver to their customers.
The durability of seamless concrete floor solutions provided by The Fricks Company exceed those of their competitors by a factor of ten. This lowers the cost of equipment upkeep as well as downtime, which helps overall productivity. Solutions that Fricks provides include the FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating Floor, the FDT Dewatered Traprock Topping, the FMT Monolithic Traprock Surface, the FSF Superflat Defined Traffic seamless concrete Floor and the Conventional FDF Durable Finish Floor that stands the test of time.
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